Project developed with David Beermann.

Music has an undeniable appeal to artists and has played an influential role on many creators. Thus, visual representation of music has always been a constant in the work of artists. In that line, Paul Klee, who favoured a career as a painter instead of being a musician, acknowledged that time and space were points of convergence of music and art. In his own words, “the pictorial work sprang from movement, it is itself fixed movement and it is grasped by movement (eye muscles)}.” Music is as well related to movement, which is present in rhythmic patterns, counterpoints, melodies, signatures, and tempo.

VIZIDI -a stylised contraction for “Visual MIDI”- is a tool that takes those intrinsic values of music and uses them to create a visual piece. A MIDI file serves as the source from which certain parameters will be taken in order to create a canvas where the visualization will evolve. In order to achieve that, the incoming file will be analysed and stripped down to its basic components (note, velocity, and duration). The result is a generative piece with which users can engage via a custom controller.