Politically Incorrect Artefacts

This project consists of a series of fictional objects/products. The temporary nature of these artefacts will reveal both the mutable and frail nature of our times, unveiling the effects of liquid modernity in our society.

Two sources were taken into consideration. On the one hand, the concept of liquid modernity developed by Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, who did an analysis of the current state of our society: presently, modernity cannot be grasped at all, because it keeps changing and adopting new forms non-existent in the past. Due to that fact, it is rather complicated for people to find a north, a guide, or a pattern to solve their problems. Present is mutable, future is uncertain.

On the other hand, we have the postulates of Anthony Dunn and Fiona Raby on speculation. This approach challenges the way design has been seen recently: a somewhat stalled discipline that is inexorably related to commercial purposes. Design, according to the authors, can do more. It could serve as social critic; promote debate on controversial issues; or just as a means to imagine a different reality. By speculating, we open the door to changes.

The resultant five products, alien to market-driven production, far from being just an aesthetic experience are a means to raise awareness (and promote discussion) on sensible matters related to sociology, politics, and the use of technology.