The objective of this project was to explore the noise genre and create a full-length album in the process. In order to do that, several experiments with analogue and digital equipment were conducted. The diversity of those procedures to obtain the sound les from which the songs were created required a departure from the traditional Western compositional methods.
Undesirable (at least from a mainstream point of view) occurrences such as feedback, static, and glitches were regularly used on this experiment.

The constituent matter of noise is of great importance. Noise is not only noise. Contrary to initial beliefs, these primary sounds (ranging from uneasy conversations between aircraft pilots to eld recordings) were responsible for imprinting a unique characteristic into the timbre of the music.

Noise music can be daunting at rst. However, it encompasses a world of details that attentive listeners can progressively discover in each spin of the record. Far from being an impenetrable black core, noise is akin to a dark yet visible substance that will allow us to see/hear what it inside only if we come closer to it.